{ Clockwise: Amethyst & Chain Bracelet, Sterling Drop Earrings, Quartz & Chain NecklaceColor Blocked Beaded Bracelet }
Let me introduce you all to the amazingness that is giantLION jewelry.  Led by artist and designer, Caroline Whittington, giantLION designs are based on the juxtapostion of nature and timeless style.  Many of their designs feature unique, raw stones and I’m loving the simplicity and how delicate the pieces are, and lucky for you blog readers, giantLION will be giving away a $60 gift certificate to their Etsy store!
To enter:–  Visit giantLION’s Etsy store & leave a comment with what items you’d pick-  Head over to giantLION’s Facebook Page & give ’em a “like”
For extra entries:(Please leave an additional comment for each extra entry)-  Follow Pretty & Fun on Google Friend Connect–  Follow @shopgiantlion on Twitter–  Follow @prettyandfun on Twitter
Entries will be open until 12:00 PM CST on Wednesday, January 25 – be sure to check back to see if you’re the winner!

  • Angela Keeley-White

    Following you on twitter!

  • ashleychauntel

    I love the quartz & chain necklace and quartz earrings! So many pretty things!

  • ashleychauntel

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  • ashleychauntel

    I follow prettyandfun on Twitter!

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  • I love the gold beaded necklace!

  • I follow you on Google Connect

  • I follow giantLION on Twitter

  • I follow you on Twitter!

  • Allie Lochiatto

    I love the Sterling Silver Square Beaded Bracelet – perfect colors for spring! Fingers crossed!

  • Allie Lochiatto

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  • I really like their &quot;quartz &amp; chain necklace&quot;<br /><br />

  • I follow their shop on Twitter – @theprettyfactor <br />

  • I follow you on Twitter – @theprettyfactor <br />

  • Alicia

    I follow your blog via google friend connect :)

  • Alicia

    I love, love the raw amethyst necklace or the quartz earrings. This shop is amazing! (I also like GiantLION&#39;s facebook page!)

  • Alicia

    I follow pretty &amp; fun on twitter (lovealixo). Thanks for the giveaway!

  • definingtabitha

    I love the thai silver and gold beaded necklace. So cute!

  • definingtabitha

    I also follow you on Twitter (duh!) ;)

  • jen

    i love the color blocked beaded bracelet… seriously obsessed!

  • jen

    oh and I&#39;m following you on twitter now!

  • Such lovely little pieces! The swarovski and golf beaded bracelet is just gorgeous :)

  • Sarah Kinonen

    I love the friendship bracelet and the quartz &amp; chain necklace. So cute!

  • Sarah Kinonen

    I follow you on Twitter! @sarahkinonen 

  • entry #4 i&#39;m already following giant lion on twitter!

  • giant lion has been in my favorites for a while, so i love this giveaway!  if i won i&#39;d choose the crystal necklace or any of the beaded bracelets!

  • entry #2 i follow your blog!

  • entry #3 i follow you on twitter (i&#39;m @dinosaurtoes )

  • GlitterandPearls

    I am obsessed with all of the beaded friendship bracelets!<br /><br />I followed on Facebook, and of course, I follow you!<br />♡ Lexi<br />FASHION:  <a href="; rel="nofollow">Glitter &amp; Pearls</a><br />WEDDINGS:  <a href="; rel="nofollow">Glitter Weddings</a> 

  • I would without a doubt choose between the quartz and chain necklace or the swarvoski and gold friendship bracelet. so gorgeous!  I also followed on Facebook!  <br /><br />xo! Amber 

  • Also already following pretty and fun on twitter!

  • Following shopgiantlion on twitter as well! xo

  • and now also following you on google! which I mistakenly already thought i was!  &lt;3

  • I absolutely love the sterling drop earrings and the color block beaded necklace!<br />I became a facebook fan – ktkatherine<br />fashionfrugality at

  • I follow via gfc – ktkatherine<br />fashionfrugality at

  • I follow you on twitter – @fashfrugality <br />fashionfrugality at 

  • I now follow giant lion on twitter – fashfrugality<br />fashionfrugality at   

  • Love the quartz earrings! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Just followed shopgiantlion on Twitter

  • followed prettyandfun on twitter

  • oh my goodness, that bracelet – love! i am obsessed. i love the quartz necklaces – and oh those earrings! but i&#39;d probably choose the amethyst bracelet. it is just so me. :) 

  • i follow you!

  • i follow you on twitter! @wishfulnals 

  • i follow giantlion on twitter, too!

  • Ahoelzeman

    Without a doubt, I&#39;d choose the amethyst and chain bracelet, or the quartz and chain bracelet. Or I might go with the citrine necklace or the sweet little quartz studs. Beautiful things! I admire this work so much!

  • Chelsea Beckman

    Just lovely!  I would chose the swarvoski and gold friendship bracelet!

  • Chelsea Beckman

    and of course I already follow you on twitter.  :)

  • Chelsea Beckman

    I just liked giantLION on facebook!

  • Chelsea Beckman

    and I followed giantLION on twitter. hooray!

  • Angela Keeley-White

    Love the color block beaded wrap bracelet! Liked giantLion on Facebook!

  • Angela Keeley-White

    Following you on google friend connect!

  • I love the quartz &amp; chain necklace.

  • I love the quartz &amp; chain necklace!

  • I follow @prettyandfun on Twitter!

  • I follow @shopgianlion on Twitter!

  • I like giantLION&#39;s fb page!

  • Ideologyideology

    I really like the teal Thai silver friendship bracelet, although it&#39;s hard to choose, as their shop has so many mega cute items! :)

  • Ideology

    I&#39;m following @shopgiantlion on Twitter! :)

  • I&#39;m following @prettyandfun on Twitter! :)

  • I love the chain earring cuff and the chunky quartz necklace! Beaaaautiful jewelry!!<br /><br />xx

  • And I&#39;m a happy Twitter follower! :)<br /><br />xxx

  • You&#39;re our winner! Send me your email address, please.

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