dog park days.

With the amazing weather we’ve been having in Chicago, dog park days are back!  We’re lucky enough to have the greatest dog park within walking distance – Callie has been one happy girl swimming and playing fetch until she has no energy left, which takes a lot.  There are few things better these days than seeing that little furry girl of mine at her happiest (even if she’s disgusting afterwards).

  • Our dog is loving this weather as well! Callie looks like one of the happiest dogs ever! :)

  • Stefanie Haigh

    So cute! I wish we had a dog park near us! :) 

  • Ok, so my dog is too much of a wussy to go to dog parks, so I'm new to this whole thing. Do they all have swimming pools? I LOVE it!!

  • She's such a cute, cute dog! Such a happy puppy! Glad she's getting a chance to go out and play! :)

  • Yay for sunny weather and a happy Callie

  • This one has a pretty big lake in half of it – it's nice because it's fenced off so you can prevent your dog from getting gross & swimming when you don't want to.

  • AH! You just made my day :)