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Studio apartments can be tricky – a good layout is essential to maximize space and divide up what is often just one big room into separate living spaces.  I’m getting ready to move (yet again) and will be going from an one bedroom to a studio, so I’ve been scouring the blog world for inspiration and purging anything that isn’t totally necessary.
Any of my readers live in a studio and have any advice for me?  

  • Stephanie Carper

    What beautiful and trendy chic inspirations you have for your new studio! My first apartment when I lived in Atlanta and 1st moved into the city was a small studio as well; under 500 sq. feet! It looks like your're on the right track as far as space management/maximization. One trick I remember is putting a big mirror on a sidewall. When it catches light and reflects it's supposedly

  • Jessica Wray

    i love these examples. my friend is just leaving her studio, i wish I'd seen these months ago!