gallery wall faves.

Being in a studio has given me one long open space, which has pretty much screamed "giant gallery wall!" at me since I first toured the apartment.  While I have a decent stash of art already, I need to step up my game (and stop buying so much typography) - here's a roundup of some of my current favorites from good old Etsy:


3.  Isabella
10.  Wise Math
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  1. The last two are so pretty!


  2. As usual, I'm always loving your Etsy picks and have favorited these shops. Always inspiring :) 

  3. Seriously great picks. Etsy is the best...I even gave my ex-boyfriend a lasting habit of shopping it regularly :) Share pics when your new apartment is decorated!

  4. Thanks for following! The "Fortune Favors the Brave" print has been my laptop background for quite some time now.

  5. Etsy is the best!  We'll have to go to Renegade Craft Fair when it's in town again (was in September last year) - SO many amazing sellers and just a really fun time in Wicker Park.

  6. I found a gallery wall tutorial if you need some help putting it up!



  7. honestly, my heart SWELLS for the fortune favors the brave print. i'd love to pin that up on my wall! now following along with your cute blog, lady. you've got some great content & i just love your taste. this post was an instant hit! xo. 

  8. Furnishing a new place must be so much fun! I love Etsy for prints. I cant say I have a favorite from the above because they all are really good. 

  9. I'm kinda head over heels for #s 3. & 9. 
    Etsy makes me smile.


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