recipe // protein iced coffee.

I never thought there’d come a day where I’d be concerned about my protein consumption, or better yet, ordering protein powder.  To ease the pain of chugging protein shakes, I decided to throw some Starbucks Via coffee into my shake and see what happened – the result was something (pretty) tasty, the Protein Iced Coffee.

{ Starbucks Caramel Iced Via, Blender Bottle, Chocolate Protein }

The Blender Bottle is pretty much the greatest invention of all time – I love that little whisk-like ball and the overall size of the bottle.  It’s perfect for getting chunks out of anything you’re mixing that involves a powder (I hear it works well for mixing batters while baking too!) and leaves you with a creamy, well blended drink. For your Protein Iced Coffee, simply pour one Starbucks Via Packet and one scoop of protein powder into the Blender Bottle.  Then add the coffee’s recommended 16 oz. of cold water and a splash of milk (or sometimes half and half, shhhh) to get the coffee your normal lightness.  Shake shake shake that baby and pour over ice and you have an iced coffee that will fill you up and potentially replace breakfast.  These are great for when you’re having a crazy morning and want to make sure you’re getting something decent to eat rather than grabbing a sugary breakfast that will leave you starving.