the dirty pumpkin chai.

Let me introduce you to the best drink you can get at Starbucks right now, the Dirty Pumpkin Chai.  It’s everything I love about fall in a cup – amazing pumpkin flavor, the spice of chai tea and a boost of caffeine.  Need some help with your order?  Ask for a “grande no water dirty pumpkin chai” (double dirty if you’re feeling crazy).  Still have no idea what dirty means?  It’s Starbucks code for a shot of espresso.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!  I’ve been fighting to resist the urge to guzzle these at every possible opportunities (and there are a lot of opportunities living in the city).

Do you have a favorite fall drink?  I’m savoring my time with the Dirty Pumpkin Chai before it’s time to switch over to my beloved Peppermint Mochas!