remembering every day.

1 Second Everyday – Age 30 from Cesar Kuriyama }

In the endless cycle of “busy”, how many of our days have become a blur?  I found this recent CNN article incredibly inspiring – Cesar Kuriyama decided to take a year off of work and chronicle his time with a one second video clip from every single day. Through this project he realized the importance of making your life memorable and living with purpose – being conscious of your time and not just letting the days fly past you.  

After reading the article I started brainstorming what I could do to make an effort to remember every day – a video wasn’t a realistic option with my schedule or lifestyle so I took a different approach and ordered a “One Line a Day” journal that I’ve had my eye on for awhile.  It’s been refreshing to take time and sit down and identify a memorable moment to record each day.

What do you do to remember every day?  Are you currently doing anything to escape the “busy” blur?