Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope everyone’s day is filled with turkey, family and most importantly, gratitude.  I’m spending my first Thanksgiving in Chicago and while I’m missing my family terribly, I’m taking advantage of this quiet time to reflect and appreciate the little things that are often overlooked.

So today, I am thankful for…

  • my family who have always wanted what’s best for me, even when it took me 800 miles away from home out to Chicago
  • having two pups who welcome me home with the same level of enthusiasm whether I’ve been gone for days or just a half hour
  • this little old blog of mine.  The blogging community has brought so many amazing people and opportunities into my life
  • friends – both near and far, old and new.  Adult friendships are extremely challenging and I am so grateful to have friends who are always there, through thick & thin
  • a career that I truly love and provides me with a sense of fulfillment I never anticipated experiencing – through the hard work (and long hours), it’s all worth it
  • being lucky enough to live in the most gorgeous city that there is.  Chicago, you have been so good to me over the past year