only so many hours in a day.

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This week is a prime example of how I really struggle with balance sometimes – it’s almost 10 PM, I’m working from my couch (and just polished off several scoops of ice cream) after a 12 hour day in the office, my apartment is a mess, I have a to do list a mile long, and that fun blog post I had planned for today? Yeah, not going to happen.

I share these not so glamorous details with you not because I want you to feel bad for me or be impressed by how much I have on my plate but because this is what’s real. Day to day life is not always filled with champagne and events, I don’t always get five blog posts done over the weekend as planned and my apartment rarely looks as perfect as you saw it on The Everygirl. But it’s okay, this is the path I’ve chosen. It’s uniquely mine and it is all worth it.

As part of the blog world I feel like we’re getting trapped in this unrealistic world; one where every single outfit you walk out the door in is streetstyle worthy, your boyfriend is not only handsome and perfectly styled but also an incredible photographer who captures your most beautiful unstaged moments, and every day is an all day Twitter hangout with your bestest blog buds. I found myself feeling guilty about Twitter today, seriously worrying about the fact that I just did not have the time at the moment to tweet and interact because, gasp, I was busy at work – and this feeling is totally ridiculous.

So this is it, a behind the scenes look at the fact that I don’t always have a perfect balance. The “blog world” is not always my real life and instead of faking it and glossing over things, I wanted to be straightforward. I want you to not feel guilty the next time you don’t have as much time to tweet or if you miss a day (or two) of blogging. Everyone’s circumstances are different – everyone’s approach and level of commitment to their blog is different.

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – so let’s try to stop and take some pressure off ourselves. I promise you, it’s okay.