meet the new pretty & fun.

Today I am SO excited to unveil what has been in the works for the past few months… a brand new Pretty & Fun! After nearly four years of blogging with the same site design, it was time for a professional revamp and I couldn’t be happier to finally show off Pretty & Fun’s new look.

Pretty & Fun Style Sheet
Some new things to note:

  • The site is now responsive which means that no matter what screen size (laptop, tablet or mobile) you visit from, the site size and layout will be optimized for viewing
  • I’ve finally made the move from Blogger to WordPress (tips welcome from any WordPress pros out there!)
  • We’ve organized all posts in the side bar to make it easier to locate content within a specific category
  • Each image has a pin it button when you hover to make pinning to a Pinterest board easier than ever

When I launched the site almost four years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what to expect from this little blogging project of mine, but I was so excited to get started. Many late nights were spent playing around with logo designs and cobbling together HTML code – it was never perfect but it was my own and for me, it was always more about the people and the content than what my site looked like. Blogging has far exceeded any and all expectations I had and I am so proud of the blog’s success to date and all of the incredible opportunities that Pretty & Fun has connected me to. My investment in the new site design and development was a big investment in the future of the blog and I can’t wait to see all that’s ahead still.

A huge thank you goes out to Serafini Creative for taking Pretty & Fun to the next level with the new site design and to my amazing boyfriend, Blaine for countless hours of tech support and development (and dealing with me being a stressed out pain in the ass during site launch). Also, thank you to all of you guys for reading and following along – blogging is infinitely more fun because you’re with me and I’m so grateful for your support.

We’re still working through some final details & finishing touches but please enjoy the new site! Let me know if you run into any bugs or issues and we’ll tackle ’em as soon as possible.