the best donuts in chicago.

Let me start this by saying one thing… Donuts are something I take very seriously. At some point during my three years in Chicago I became totally hooked and made it my duty as a donut expert to sample as many of the sweet breakfast treats as possible throughout the city. I’m that bad influence co-worker that regularly rallies my team to head out for a mid-day donut run and I’ll be the first to tell you that Dunkin’ Donuts just don’t cut it.

The Best Donuts in Chicago // Do-Rite Donuts.

With that being said, I’m also feeling a bit sentimental and sappy as our time in Chicago comes to an end and life is about to get crazy with all of the changes that go along with making a brand new city feel like home. Among my long list of things I’ll miss about the Windy City is our our weekend morning walks to Do-Rite Donuts in Streeterville.

And while I’ve sampled plenty of donuts, Do-Rite reigns king. Their variety is impressive, with a bunch of cake and yeast donut options, plus they always have GF and vegan flavors, because hey, everyone deserves a donut. The Streeterville location is Do-Rite’s 2nd storefront in the city and it’s definitely more spacious than their location in the Loop. But best of all? They have fried chicken AND breakfast sandwiches. And the breakfast sandwich (Bacon, Egg, Cheese + Avocado) are also among my favorite breakfast options in the world.

So please, eat all of the donuts for me. Because I’m in denial that I’ll no longer be walking Callie to stuff my face with Do-Rite Donuts every single weekend. And that makes me sad.