5 ways to find more time in your day.

5 Ways to Find More Time In Your Day.

// Image via Honey Oh My!

You are not alone if you’ve ever wished for more hours in the day or reminded yourself that you have as many hours as Beyonce does. Time is something we all desperately crave which is why SELF has been on a mission this month to help make sure you’re maximizing your time with their 21-Day Time Makeover Challenge. I love that SELF has recognized that no matter what our resolutions or goals are for this year, having more time is something that will universally help us accomplish them.

When I first signed up for the challenge and went through the introductory quiz I was categorized as a “Time Warrior” – it classified me as being creative but deadline driven, with a major focus on getting projects completed. My head was nodding when I read through my diagnosis and I was immediately sold – sign me up! These people understand me! Throughout The Make Time For Challenge I learned about how to maximize my downtime, prioritize my to do list and even how to avoid procrastination, which I am seriously guilty of. The project had me feeling empowered and inspired and ready to tackle all that’s ahead, which also got me thinking about my own go to tricks for finding more time in each day.

  1. Put Technology To Work: There is an app for everything these days which means it’s now easier than ever to have your own little personal assistant thanks to your smartphone. Never have time to go to the dry cleaner? Try Rinse, a dry cleaning and laundry service that will pick up your items and deliver them once they’re done, right to your doorstep. Hate the thought of making a trip to the post office? Shyp makes shipping items easy as can be, you just have to snap a photo of the item and enter the delivery address and someone will pick up your item, package it and mail it out. No time for grocery shopping? Give Instacart a try – you’re able to make your grocery list right within the app and your groceries will be delivered right to your home, same day.
  2. Fifteen Minutes of Focus: Take a look at your to do list and pick something – it can be anything! Set a timer for 15 minutes and focus solely on that item with no distractions. We’re usually so busy multi-tasking that it’s impressive the amount we can get done when we focus only on one thing at a time. By dedicating only a 15 minute time period to the task, you’ll be less likely to be bogged down with the “this is going to take forever!” feeling that creates the urge to procrastinate. Think of it as a challenge and try and get the most done in your 15 minute time slot. Ready, GO!
  3. Create Routines: Efficiency is the result of routine and efficiency is what saves you time. For anything you regularly do, whether it be getting ready for work or your house cleaning process, create a routine and stick to it. By getting in the groove of a routine you’ll know exactly what to expect and how long it takes from start to finish which will help you maximize your schedule.
  4. Tackle The Hardest Things First: Checking things off your to do list feels great, which is usually why I’ll go through and complete smaller, easier tasks first for some instant gratification. I’ve realized that this isn’t exactly the best way to go about things – instead, try focusing on your biggest, hardest tasks right away and get them out of the way. You’ll complete them quicker when you’re alert and ready to go versus at the end of the day when you’re feeling tired and burnt out.
  5. Become A Morning Person: Waking up earlier gives you more time in your day, literally. Becoming a morning person may seem daunting at first but can make a huge impact in your life. Try gradually waking up earlier each day to help train yourself and avoid hitting the snooze button and going back to bed. Morning is a great time to catch up on tasks at home before heading into the office, or an even better time to squeeze in that workout that you never feel like you have time for.

Have you tried SELF’s Time Makeover Challenge? What are some of your own ways to find more time in each day?