Monthly Mantra.

Monthly Mantra // March 2016.Handlettering by Lairsey Paper Co. for Pretty & Fun

I find myself constantly struck with new ideas for the blog at the most random of times – while waiting to board our flight home from Maui I was glancing over March’s editorial calendar and jotted down “launch Monthly Mantra print series” in the running list of blog ideas I keep on my phone. I couldn’t kick the idea of evolving the series (featuring quotes that inspire me has been something I’ve done since I first started blogging!) and just how beautiful it could be if I found the right partner to bring my vision to life. A few days later I was connected with Kelsey of Lairsey Paper Co. through a Facebook group we’re both members of and as soon as I saw her work, I knew it would be perfect.

Welcome to the new and improved Monthly Mantra series! I’ll be continuing to curate and share out quotes to inspire the month ahead, with prints of Kelsey’s gorgeous work available on her site. There’s something surreal about seeing a seemingly random idea brought to life, especially when it magically happens so quickly and even exceeds your original expectations. A huge THANK YOU to Kelsey for partnering on the series, I’m in awe of her skills (seriously, her calligraphy and handlettering work is incredible!)