5 Ways to De-stress & Hit Refresh.

Anyone else feel like as soon as summer rolls around, calendars get totally crazy?! I recently had to book a brunch with friends for AUGUST because everyone’s schedules were so booked with vacations, weddings and work trips. With those jam packed calendars also tends to come some stress; sometimes there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do it all and with the added pressure to make the most of the summer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

In my never ending quest to maintain balance in my life, I’ve been testing out a few new ways to hit refresh and shake off some stress and wanted to share in case you’ve also been feeling a bit overwhelmed by your summertime schedule:

  1. Spend time getting smarter: Give your brain something else to think about by catching up on the news, listening to a few minutes of NPR or watching a new TED Talk. Soaking up some new knowledge will help take your mind off whatever’s stressing you out and can also deliver a serious dose of inspiration.
  2. Get some fresh air: A quick walk can do wonders, especially during busy days where you’re stuck in meetings or cranking away at your desk. Make time to get outside and actually soak up a little bit of summer sunshine by scheduling a walking meeting with colleagues or skipping the bus for a walk commute home from work to unwind from the day.
  3. Start a mood lifter playlist: Everyone’s got those favorite songs that instantly boost your mood – create your very own feel good playlist with a collection of your favorite tunes for moments where you just need a little escape but might not be able to physically sneak away from your desk.
  4. Take a few minutes to meditate: I’ve been intrigued by meditation lately since I’m someone who really struggles to relax; my mind is always running at 100 mph! I recently downloaded the app Headspace which makes it really easy to go through guided meditation and spend a few minutes dedicated to stillness amongst the fast paced day-to-day.
  5. Make a grateful list: Forget the to do list, when’s the last time you jotted down some of the things you were feeling grateful for? Take a few minutes and start a running list of things, big and small, that make you happy – spending time reflecting on all the good will put the stress into perspective.

What are some of your go to ways to hit refresh?