DIY // removable statement wallpaper.

While my loft had a lot of character, my new apartment is a little more on the cookie cutter side of things - I'm stuck with a greyish beigeish wall color and popcorn ceilings at the moment, and I must confess, I'm going a little insane. Since I'm only planning on living in this space for a year, I've been forced to get creative with my decorating solutions to make my apartment still feel like "me" without painting every single wall or making any structural changes. 


Enter removable wallpaper. Cue angels singing and me doing a giddy happy dance. I was a bit intimidated by both price and anticipated level of effort when I first started researching removable wallpaper options - it seemed like it was going to be way more expensive than I wanted to commit to for an one year stay and also looked like a project that was bound to make me go totally crazy. But I am proud to report that A. it wasn't actually that difficult to apply and B. I found an option at Target that lowered the total cost of the project to $75 (WIN! Urban Outfitters has some great patterns as well).

Some lessons in removable wallpaper:

  1. Measure the dimensions of your wall and then use a handy dandy wallaper calculator to determine how many rolls you'll need to cover your space
  2. Have an Xacto Knife on hand to cut around any obstacles like outlets or moulding (for outlets, I found it was easiest to remove the cover, apply the wallpaper over the outlet and then cut out the inside with the Xacto knife - then, when you re-apply the cover everything will look perfect!)
  3. Patterns are not as scary as you think! Yes, matching up the pattern as you apply new strips is important but the pattern also helps hide any imperfections
Overall I'm thrilled with the results and love the impact that the bold pattern + metallic gold finish has made in my living room. Once you get into a groove, application goes by pretty quickly and I'd say the #1 most important thing to do as you go along is make sure there are no gaps in your wallpaper strips and that the pattern matches as close as possible. 

Have you ever dabbled in removable wallpaper? Any favorite resources or tips? Do you have any statement walls in your home?


currently // evann clingan.

"Currently" is a monthly series featuring what's on the mind of some of my very favorite ladies of the blog world. This month, my worlds are colliding and we're featuring a co-worker of mine, Evann Clingan - she is my go-to for workout recommendations in NYC and has a fantastic fitness-focused lifestyle blog. She also rocked the Nike Women's Half Marathon yesterday (which is amazing!) and today she's giving us a peek into what's on her mind at the moment:


A huge THANK YOU goes out to Evann stopping by to share her current favorites! If you're looking for some killer workout reviews and fitness advice, be sure to check out Evann's blog and say hello on Twitter or Instagram.


giveaway // between the lines.

If you couldn't already tell from my "Monthly Mantra" posts or Quotes Pinterest board with nearly 2,000 pins… I'm a big fan of a little motivational boost. I think the right quote or bit of encouragement can make a huge difference and it's even better when it's a visual reminder that is right in your workspace (I have my all-time favorite quote from Mad Men at my desk at the office - "Make it simple but significant. Don Draper seriously has some wise words).


I was totally thrilled when the ladies behind Between the Lines reached out to say hello - their shop is full of amazing goodies that are the perfect gift or a great treat for yourself to keep you motivated or even just make you smile. To celebrate the hustle, we're partnering to give three of my favorite items from their shop to one lucky reader.

To enter:

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Winner will be announced + contacted next weekend. Good luck!

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