outfit // rule breaker.



// Photos by Lauren Atkins



Jeans: American Eagle //  Necklace: eBay (similar) // Rings: Seoul Little & Shasi 
Shirt: J. Crew // Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) // Nail Polish: Essie "Chinchilly"



We're all in agreement hat whole "no white after Labor Day" rule is dumb, right? I'm definitely not quite ready to tuck away my white denim just yet (and I'm sure as hell not ready to start wearing a coat so let's hope Chicago's weather cooperates with me). When it comes to white denim, the rules were meant to be broken so here I am, proudly wearing mine on September 2. Take that.



labor day sales.


I had absolutely no intention of shopping this weekend. No plans to add any more to my already full closet. This was supposed to be a low-key weekend focused on settling into my new apartment and letting my bank account recover from moving. But then it happened. I started taking a peek at my emails and all of the sales. And once I even took one look, it was all downhill from there.

Being the bad good influence that I am, I figured I'd share the scoop on a few of the best sales happening this weekend. You know, just in case you might be interested in that sort of thing (and by that sort of thing, I mean getting a killer deal).

Pro tip here: J. Crew & J. Crew Factory have a ton of items that are perfect for fall - the time is now for stocking up! I was super excited to grab this perforated leather tote + mixed media sweater. Maybe summer ending won't be so bad after all? 

Happy shopping! Keep me posted on what you snag for yourself ;)

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