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TGIF, my friends! I am feeling especially ready for this weekend because this is my last full week of work until the end of July (amazing!). I’ve got vacation on the brain with a weekend getaway to Palm Springs + Chicago coming up and I can’t wait to relax and spend time with friends. In celebration of it finally being Friday, I’ve pulled together a few things that are on my radar in case you’re looking for some weekend reading:

And a few favorite recent posts in case you missed ‘em:

Have an amazing weekend!

5 favorite startups.

One of my very very favorite things about living in San Francisco is the startup culture here – not only has it made my life ultra-convienent, but it’s also incredibly inspiring to be around so much innovation and hustle. It seems like there’s a startup for everything and there’s always something new popping up so I wanted to share five of my very favorite startups that may be coming to your city very soon.

5 Favorite SF Startups.

  1. Shyp: Everything about going to the post office to mail something is the worst – from the long lines and their inconvenient hours to trying to find the right sized box and packing materials. Plus, when you’re a city dweller it gets even worse because they’re never nearby and not having a car makes it impossible if you’re trying to mail something large. Enter Shyp: you type in the address that you need to mail something to, snap a photo on your phone and they send someone to pick up the item, package it up and mail it out for a $5 flat rate pickup fee (it’s amazing for online returns!)
  2. Rinse: On demand dry cleaning and laundry service! Just schedule a pickup with the app and they’ll come and pick up your clothes and drop them off within a few days as soon as they’re done. I’ve been loving Rinse because they focus on evening pickup hours and eliminate the risk of ever forgetting something at the dry cleaners.
  3. Postmates: Get pretty much anything delivered, from your favorite local restaurants to the drugstore. Postmates is the best way to get around restaurants not having delivery (Shake Shack is always a go to when I’m in NYC!) and the entire transaction is handled via app including delivery tracking so you know exactly when your items will arrive.
  4. Doughbies: Anyone with a sweet tooth will LOVE Doughbies – they’ll deliver fresh baked cookies to your doorstep. It’s perfect for a last minute gift or just to satisfy a craving (and their chocolate chip cookies topped with sea salt are the bomb)
  5. Hotel Tonight: I love using Hotel Tonight for weekend trips because it makes it super simple to find a great hotel at a significantly lower price. Unlike other last minute booking sites, Hotel Tonight lets you see all of the hotel’s information so you know exactly what you’re getting (no surprises!). In my experiences I’ve been able to stay at a lot of cool, trendy boutique hotels through Hotel Tonight – it’s amazing.

Do you have any favorite apps or startups? Anyone else loving the fact that there seems to be an app or service for everything these days?

energized & refreshed.

The day to day grind can really wear on you. It sneaks up on you little by little – your work schedule gets a little bit longer and then your calendar fills up with social obligations. You find yourself saying yes to a little bit too much and then all of a sudden it all piles up and you find yourself totally exhausted. Anyone else been feeling this way lately? I feel like we all get so excited about summer that we go a little crazy trying to make the most of it and it can really wear us out.

Energized & Refreshed.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and had full plans to do a total detox last weekend – no plans, healthy eating, lots of exercise and no drinking (I’ve had a few too many bottle of wine nights lately… whoops!). B was out of town and it was my first ever weekend alone in San Francisco and I was feeling really ready to just veg out and unwind until other plans came along… a spontaneous girls weekend in Napa. I haven’t gotten the chance to go up to Napa yet so it was just one of those can’t say no opportunities. And I’m so glad that I did because it was the perfect way to both unwind and kick off summer. It was one of those trips where you just come back feeling energized and refreshed – where although you ignore your to do list for a bit, it’s all good because it allows you to clear your mind and refocus. Yes, please.

Energized & Refreshed.Summers in San Francisco are a bit odd – instead of wearing sundresses and shorts, I’ve found myself buying more sweaters and sticking to my skinny jeans and ankle boots. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to escape the foggy, cool climate of SF and the forecast in Napa was full of warmth and sunshine. We took full advantage of this by scheduling a full day of wine tastings on Saturday (I’d definitely recommend Honig and Saddleback Cellars for anyone visiting Napa!) and spent Sunday poolside which meant I was able to tap into a sadly deprived portion of my wardrobe: my sundresses and bathing suits.

Energized & Refreshed.

This also meant that I had to make sure I was ready to show some skin (after all, I spend the majority of my days bundled up!) and I packed St. Ives new spray lotion products with me for an easy way to make sure I was moisturized – I’ll fully admit that I was a bit skeptical about the spray moisturizer trend at first, I didn’t quite understand it or why it was so hard to just use a regular moisturizer but after testing out the St. Ives products, I’m a believer. I love the St. Ives spray moisturizers because A. they smell amazing and B. they make it so easy to give your skin the hydration that it needs – it sinks instantly and you’re left with silky soft skin that doesn’t feel at all greasy. Sold! The St. Ives moisturizers are also made with 100% natural moisturizers so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your body, plus it’s super easy to pack for a weekend getaway because the bottles easily lock to prevent the risk of any sprays or leaks.

Energized & Refreshed.

At the end of the weekend I went back to the city feeling energized and refreshed and I’ve gotta say, I think my skin felt the same way (minus a bit of sunburn… whoops!). It felt SO good to escape the craziness of city life and unwind a bit in such a gorgeous part of California.

Have you done anything lately to relax and unwind? Has anyone tried St. Ives’ spray moisturizers yet?! Amazing!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of St.Ives. The opinions and text are all mine.

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