one month.

via Lucics Art

One month. How did time go so quickly? It really still feels like I got here yesterday. Everything has been moving so fast but I’m lucky enough to honestly say that I haven’t once doubted my decision to make the move out here. I’m happy and I know it’s only going to get even better.
Happy one month anniversary, Illinois. Thanks for being so good to me (even though I hate your Chicago hot dogs).

  • Yay! How exciting! And love your ending comment, the dogs are pretty average… haha

  • Mo

    I am terribly jealous!! Chicago is, BY FAR, my favorite city in the US. I'm actually looking into going to grad school there :) I'm happy you are loving it!

  • Patti

    Enjoy! Just be prepared for the COLD, WINDY winter! Lived just north of Chicago for 3 years…plenty of cold and snow :-)

  • @Jamie- FINALLY someone who agrees with me!! I grew up with hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut (which is apparently a New York dog) and it&#39;s driving me nuts that I can&#39;t get that anywhere out here.<br /><br />@Mo- It would be awesome if you went to grad school out here!!<br /><br />@Patti- Lets not talk about the winter yet, I&#39;m trying not to think about how cold it&#39;s going to

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