lessons in city living.

Now that the city of Chicago and I have been together for almost two months, it’s time to reflect on some lessons in city living that this country girl* has learned:

–  It’s safe to assume any liquid on the ground is some sort of bodily fluid

–  Stay off your cell phone when riding the subway

–  Chicago definitely sleeps.  This is no New York City where you can have anything delivered at any hour of the day

–  A city that’s cold most of the year will have no ice cream places

–  Midwesterners are super nice, even in the city (and they’ll tell you when your butt is covered in grass)

–  Happy hours are much happier when you don’t have to worry about the drive home

–  Skipping the el twice can earn you a trip to Starbucks ($2.50 each way – you bet I’m walking a lot)

–  Pigeons are the most evil creatures on earth and will always keep you on your toes

–  A studio apartment is the perfect cure for a bad shopping habit

–  Lake Michigan may not be the ocean, but it’s pretty darn gorgeous

–  Tourists will primarily be looking for directions to Michigan Avenue, Buckingham Fountain or which el line goes to O’Hare

–  Texting while walking is rather dangerous.  You will trip and fall at some point, and most likely there will be a lot of people around

–  There’s no shame in flirty eye contact while running, even if you’re a sweaty mess

*Note: Yes, I’m from New Jersey AND from the sticks.  These places do exist – I’m talking cow farms, pick up trucks and a 45 minute drive to the nearest Target.