recipe // cookie butter brownies.

Yes, you read that right.  A few weeks ago they were handing out samples of this fantastic creation at Trader Joe’s – now I’m not usually one for free samples.  I’m kind of grossed out by the idea of a bunch of people I don’t know all reaching for food from the same area, or that the samples may have been sitting there for awhile, but I grabbed a little cup as I walked by during my shopping – it was a game changer.  I have heard many wonderful things about Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, but had no idea what I’d put it on, so I had never tried it.

Needless to say, I snuck back for another sample, threw a jar of Cookie Butter and some brownie mix in my cart and basically skipped home dreaming of an entire pan of Cookie Butter brownies.  SO good – seriously, go out and grab some Cookie Butter and throw it on some brownies.  You’re welcome.