LUSH love.

I’m already a huge LUSH fan (which you’ve heard me rave about here) – I’m amazed by the brand’s wide range of products, from bath bombs to makeup, and love that everything is handmade and not tested on animals.  So when LUSH reached out* and offered me some oceanic-inspired products to help say goodbye to summer, I was pretty darn excited.  Here’s the lineup:

Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub: A cream-based sea salt scrub with avocado butter and cocoa butter.  I love that this scrub works well on both face and body (my shower is already crowded with products!) – I recommend scrubbing gently when using it on your face as it is a pretty coarse scrub with some big chunks of sea salt.  Might not be the best for those with sensitive skin, but my face felt noticeably softer and this scrub didn’t leave my skin dry like many others do.

Dirty Springwash:  My new favorite post-run body wash – I love the tingly feeling that the spearmint and menthol leaves you with.  Another perk is that it’s completely man-friendly (no girly scents!) which makes it a great product for you to share with your guy.

Seanik Solid Shampoo:  I’ll admit, this one confused me a bit.  A shampoo bar?  What do I do with it?  Turns out, it’s as simple as wetting your hair and rubbing the bar against your head.  I was amazed by how well the shampoo bar lathered and the bar’s seaweed and sea salt ingredients left my hair with great body without adding a volume or poof to my already thick hair.  The Seanik shampoo bar also received bonus points for me as a great addition to your toiletries bag for traveling – no worries of leaks or spills!

Breath of Fresh Air Toner:  A toner wasn’t part of my regular skincare routine (it’s a simple wash + moisturize process), but I noticed that my skin became instantly calmer and smoother after using the Breath of Fresh Air toner.  Directions suggest closing your eyes and spritzing the product directly on your face, but I’ve found it’s easier to just apply with a cotton ball for more control over where the product goes.  

* I was sent products to review c/o LUSH but was not compensated for this post.  All opinions and product reviews are honest and my own.