101 in 1001.

With a new year comes new goals.  Instead of creating a traditional list of resolutions for 2013, I decided to try something a little bit different – a list of 101 things to accomplish over the next 1,001 days.  It’s a combination of looking ahead while also placing an emphasis on enjoying the every day just a little bit more.

So here we go.  I’ll be blogging along the way to hold myself responsible and sharing my experiences as the next 1,001 days go by.

End date: September 28, 2015

  1. Finish list of 101 things (12.12)
  2. Inspire someone to write their own list (12.12 // Sara, 05.13 // Erin, 09.13 // Katie)
  3. Have apartment photos shot (01.13 // Stoffer Photography, 03.14 // Jennifer Kathryn Photography)
  4. Take a trapeze lesson (06.14)
  5. Cook Thanksgiving dinner
  6. Read 25 10 books (01.13 // Half Broke Horses, 03.13 // Lean In, 07.13 // The Fault in Our Stars, 08.13 // Eighty Dollar Champion, 10.13 // IT, 11.13 // Blog Inc, 12.13 // Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, Eleanor & Park, 02.14 // The Trusted Advisor. 06.14 // URGE, 07.14 // MWF seeking BFF. 08.14 // Me Before You, 09.14 // Eightysixed, 11.14 // The Alchemist, 01.15 // The Girl You Left Behind)
  7. Volunteer (04.13 // PAWS Chicago, 04.13 // American Cancer Society, 08.14 // Anti-Cruelty Society)
  8. Start a 401K
  9. Make a list of birthdays & addresses
  10. Cut down a Christmas tree
  11. Grow herbs
  12. Make plans for my MBA & to take the GMAT (no longer applicable)
  13. Mail someone a surprise package (08.13)
  14. Pay off credit card debt in full
  15. See a movie at the drive-in
  16. Get new glasses (09.13)
  17. Go to the ballet
  18. Purchase coffee for a stranger (07.13)
  19. Have a picnic (10.13)
  20. Go pumpkin picking
  21. Start a new tradition (11.14 // Thanksgiving travel)
  22. Spend a weekend unplugged (09.13)
  23. Make a new friend
  24. Go a month without purchasing takeout
  25. Ride on a Vespa (05.13 // also first trip in an ambulance)
  26. Do something with Instagram photos (02.13 // prints via Postal Pix)
  27. Watch fireworks
  28. Make a drastic hair change (12.13)
  29. Get a massage (02.13)
  30. Rent a house in Hatteras, NC (08.14)
  31. Take a photobooth photo
  32. Host a dinner party
  33. Go skinny dipping
  34. Purchase a piece of original art
  35. Go apple picking
  36. Organize files & important documents
  37. Make a piece of art
  38. Go snowboarding
  39. Organize and purge magazines
  40. Travel to 3 new places (04.13 // Washington DC, 01.14 // Nashville, 11.14 // London & Paris, 11.14 // San Francisco)
  41. Attend a NYFW show
  42. Mail out Christmas cards
  43. Go sailing
  44. Try 5 new foods (04.13 // Ethiopian in DC, 05.13 // Goat at Girl & the Goat, 01.14 // Braised Rabbit in NYC, 10.14 // Sashimi sushi in Santa Monica, 12.14 // Chicken pate, 02.15 // Pho in SF)
  45. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  46. Learn how to fold fitted sheets
  47. Meet 10 blogger friends in person (01.13 // Erin, 02.13 // MonicaLauren, Danielle & Alaina, Emma, 05.13 // Melissa, 06.13 // Danielle, 07.13 // Sam, 08.13 // Sarah)
  48. Launch a new blog post series (03.13 // Shops You Should Know & Budget Friendly, 01.15 // On My Radar, 07.14 // Workout)
  49. Go on a hike (01.15 // Sutro Baths)
  50. Read The New York Times daily for a month
  51. Take Grandpa out on a dinner date
  52. Keep track of all spending for a month & set a budget
  53. Get a promotion
  54. Take horseback riding lessons
  55. Host a blogger event (04.13 // West Elm, 07.13 // PUBLIC Hotel, 05.14 // Kate Spade New York 03.14 // Peruvian Connection & Madewell)
  56. Have apartment featured on a big time blog or in a magazine (02.13 // The Everygirl, 05.13 // Refinery29, 07.13 // Refinery29, 01.14 // West Elm catalog, 03.14 // The Glitter Guide)
  57. Get a psychic reading (08.13)
  58. Send 25 hand written notes
  59. Save for down payment on a condo
  60. Visit a new museum (04.13 // Newseum, Air & Space Museum, National Gallery of Art)
  61. Sell car and go car-less (04.13)
  62. Fix a broken relationship
  63. Do something special for each immediate family member
  64. Pay for dinner at a fancy restaurant
  65. Go one month without buying coffee from Starbucks (01.13)
  66. Attend a festival (08.13 // Lollapalooza)
  67. See a shooting star
  68. Go to 10 concerts (08.13 // The Postal Service, The Killers, Band of Horses, Ellie Goulding, Matt & Kim, The Lumineers, 10.13 // City & Colour, 12.13 // Saves the Day, 06.14 // Ray Lamontagne, 06.14 // Dave Matthews Band)
  69. Donate $25 to a different charity each month (01.13 // Streetwise, 02.13 // Homeless Hounds, 03.13 // American Cancer Society, 04.13 // Kelli’s Breast Cancer Battle Fund, 05.13 // Misericordia & Cure Childhood Cancer, 06.13 // Back on My Feet, 07.13 // The Shedd Aquarium, 08.13 // JDRF, 09.13 // 3 Marathons in 3 Months for GCS, 10.13 // Bright Pink, 11.13 // Anti-Cruelty Society, 12.13 // Global Mamas, 01.14 // Team in Training, 02.14 // Chicago Food Bank, 03.14 // Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 04.14 // Girls on the Run, 05.14 // Chicago Food Bank, 06.14 // Perfect Pets Rescue, 07.14 // She’s The First, 08.14 // Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, 09.14 // Common Threads, 10.14 // Search for Common Ground, 11.14 // 100 Miles for Smiles, 12.14 // FEED America, 01.15 // Humans of New York, 02.15 // Pelotonia)
  70. Make s’mores (08.14)
  71. Write in One Line a Day journal daily
  72. Cook 25 recipes from cookbooks
  73. Celebrate a small victory
  74. Take a yoga class (03.13)
  75. Go on a sister trip with Elise (05.13 // Chicago)
  76. Spend a day in a new Chicago neighborhood (10.13 // Lakeview)
  77. Take a cooking class
  78. Fall in love
  79. Have Pretty & Fun professionally redesigned (09.14)
  80. Throw away 20 things and do not replace them (04.13)
  81. Get a new tattoo
  82. Place in my AG in a race (06.14 // 5K)
  83. Become a contributor for another blog or online magazine (SheKnows, SELF Magazine)
  84. Give 20 “just because” gifts
  85. Travel outside of the United States (11.14)
  86. Attend a blogging conference or workshop (06.14 // TechMunch, 10.14 // GoBlogSocial)
  87. Have photos taken with family
  88. Rent a wave runner or SUP (03.14 // SUP Yoga in LA)
  89. Collaborate with a brand I truly love (05.13 // Nike)
  90. Make 25 12 things off of Pinterest (01.13 // Peanut Butter Oreo BlondiesSugar + Olive Oil Hand Scrub 04.13 // Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies, 06.13 // Creamy Roasted Garlic Shells & Monster Cookies, 12.13 // Ice Cream Base, 01.14 // Oven Roasted Lemon Chicken Thighs)
  91. Send someone flowers (05.13)
  92. Have boudoir photos taken
  93. Watch 10 7 classic films (10.13 // The Big Lebowski, 11.13 // Annie Hall, 01.14 // Breakfast at Tiffany’s) 
  94. Attend a sporting event (01.13 // Chicago Wolves, 03.13 // Chicago Blackhawks)
  95. Visit a new sight in Chicago (Chicago Cultural Center)
  96. Have a “pinch me” moment (01.13 // shoot for The Everygirl, 05.13 // Styling at Nike Training Club, 03.14 // NTC Tour LA, 01.15 // SELF Magazine)
  97. Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 30th birthday
  98. Schedule appointments with doctor, dentist, etc. and go regularly
  99. Run a PR half marathon (07.13 // Rock n Roll Half Marathon)
  100. Have a stocked bar at home (bonus points for a bar cart) (01.14)
  101. Purge closet and donate unwanted/unworn (04.13)

Thanks to Mackenzie of Design Darling for inspiring me to start my very own 101 in 1,001 list.  I’m looking forward to accomplishing both the big and small – from many of my “one day” goals to items that are perpetually on my to do list and just never seem to get done.  Let me know if you start your own 101 in 1,001 list, I’d love to read it and cheer each other along.


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04269093933696711356 Sara

    This is such a great list of things to accomplish Cait!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      SO excited about the "Run a Marathon" goal of yours!! Need to get you on the American Cancer Society team for the Chicago Marathon 😉

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/11140964889110189585 Molly

    If you&#39;re looking for a partner in crime, I&#39;m happy to tag along on SEVERAL of these adventures! (don&#39;t you love how I just invite myself?)<br />This is a great list!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      I&#39;m holding you to that!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/16115732505077106089 Leah

    oh wow, 2015 seem sooo far away! 1001 days doesn&#39;t sound bad, but 2015 seems so far into the future! I LOVE your 1001 list. These are all such amazing and wonderful ideas!<br /><br />PS Guess what? I nominated you for an award!!! http://www.lovelylifeofleah.com/2012/12/so-much-random-fun-liebster-award.html

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      Isn&#39;t it crazy that 2015 isn&#39;t THAT far away?! Time flies.<br /><br />Thank you for the nomination, lady – I&#39;m flattered. xoxo

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04618010036275751204 Rebecca Odell

    I love that you have the Kentucky Derby on your list! It&#39;s definitely something you need to attend at least once.<br /><br />-Rebecca

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      I grew up riding horses and somehow I have never been to a race! Figure it&#39;s a good one (go big or go home!) – really excited about that goal since it obviously involves a fancy hat and mint juleps ;)<br /><br />xo.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17303429480553005694 Chelsea B.

    Great list! Several of these are on my list as well. :) Happy New Year dear!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      Great minds think alike!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01534290180843622074 brinks

    Hi! I&#39;ve been reading your blog for awhile (probably since this summer, but possibly longer). Just wanted to let you know that I loved this idea, and decided to write my own list for my blog (and life in general), and you can cross off number 2. Good luck in completing your list :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      Horray! Thanks for reading &amp; I am so happy you&#39;re creating your own list. Send me a link when it&#39;s done – I can&#39;t wait to see.<br /><br />xo.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08955757900672957685 Mackenzie {Design Darling}

    I am so glad you decided to write a list! Love so many of your ideas and will be borrowing a few for my next list starting in September. Just linked to your list from mine as a thank you for helping me cross #2 off my list. You go girl! :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      Thanks for being such a huge inspiration! xo.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/06187962465181729689 Christina Tamm

    This is a great inspiration.. I am working on my 101 list this week and hope to have it up by the end of this week. <br /><br />Please check it out and my blog at http://www.livingmylifeasiknowit.wordpress.com

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/04295206887601474377 Jasmine Brink-Li

    She inspired me to make a list as well! :) <br /><br />Thanks for the inspiration! <br />xox

  • http://www.undeniablestyle.com/20-in-2013/ kate @ undeniable style

    I love that we have some similar goals! Too bad we don&#39;t live in the same city :)<br />

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      Oh man, how fun would it be to go on 101 list adventures?!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/12445081275530729227 jackie jade

    fun fun! i&#39;m actually trying to do my own list and should hopefully post it up soon!<br />– <a href="http://jackiejade.blogspot.com&quot; rel="nofollow">jackiejade.blogspot.com</a>

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08344152729476418532 Rachel Kenny

    Hi Cait! I just saw your adorable apartment on TEG and had to check out your blog! I have so many of these same goals in my head that I need to start putting on paper. I&#39;m a fellow Chicago blogger and would love to meet up to help you with #47 on your list. Email me if interested!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/15604933617480305724 monica

    Cait,<br /><br />I love your list and I&#39;m really impressed by how much progress you made!<br /><br />Personally, I think you should do # 51 – Take Grandpa out on a dinner date ASAP! As soon as I saw it I thought, she should do that next! My Pappaw passed away last month and this is exactly the kind of item I would [have] put on my own list.<br /><br />&lt;3<br />monica

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00545152630794245060 Krista Blanks

    You have inspired me to start my own :)<br />Thanks so much!<br /><br />Check out my<a href="http://www.blanksandbliss.com/2013/08/101-in-1001.html&quot; rel="nofollow"> 101 in 1001 </a>. I borrowed quite a few of your ideas and linked you at the bottom too x

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08159828600465619398 Anil Kumar

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  • http://www.thehappyhourtour.com/ Jennie

    I&#39;m an avid list maker myself, and I&#39;m now inspired to do the same. Best of luck with finishing your list!!<br /><br />Cheers!<br /><br />Jennie<br />www.TheHappyHourTour.com

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02882268446547451093 Jessica

    I love this list! I started my blog last summer with a list of 27 things I want to accomplish before I turn 27. Maybe I&#39;ll go this route next time around :)

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03435216744954387192 cait – pretty and fun

      I started off in a very similar way, Jessica – I&#39;d make smaller lists each year. Figured bundling things up with a 101 in 1001 list would help create a balance between the smaller &quot;to do&#39;s&quot; and longer term goals. Definitely send me a link if you make one!! xo.

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/00830349350012093735 Belle Rose

    I love your list! I&#39;m currently in the process of making mine!