the blowout.

The blowdryer and I have never really gotten along well. Our interactions together are usually very long, sometimes awkward if there happens to be a round brush involved and at the end of it all, it never ends very well. It’s always a rather exhausting process and I’m left with poofy, not really straight, not really curly hair that I end up forcing into submission with a flat iron or completely giving up and resorting to a bun or pony tail.

But one day, that all changed.

Enter Miss Josie at Sine Qua Non Salon, the queen of the blowout.

The first few times I visited the salon I rejected Josie’s offer to blow my hair dry. “Nahhh, it never really works. You can just leave it. Not a big deal, no problem.” And off I went, with damp hair, completely avoiding the dreaded blowdryer.

But one day she convinced me to give it a shot – I purposely didn’t pay attention to avoid the horror of my own sight in the mirror. I knew what was going to happen here, bad, bad hair – but much to my surprise, the result was quite the opposite.

Smooth. Sleek. Just the right amount of volume. She totally nailed it.

Thanks for making me a believer, Josie. You’re kind of the best (and lets be real here, she’s also the only stylist in the world who has never made me cry from a haircut – you go, girl).