workout // basic training.

I’m on a mission to mix up my fitness routine by making the most out of ClassPass and wanted to give you the scoop on some of the new workouts I’m trying and would love to hear about some of your favorites as well. Expect the full rundown on my latest sweat-fests with information on what to expect, what to wear and what you might feel like afterward.

Workout // Basic Training SF.

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The Workout: Bootcamp with Basic Training SF

Basic Training is a different breed of bootcamp that breaks free of the gym and uses San Francisco as its playground instead. Classes are held in two locations: the Marina and most recently, Hayes Valley, after raising over $40,000 in a successful Indiegogo campaign to turn a parking lot into a location for their fitness classes. Basic Training believes the only workout worth doing is the one you can look forward to and is all about having fun while working hard and even has a free trial class to let you check it out for yourself.

Workout // Basic Training SF.

What to Expect: I’m not the best at bootcamps so I’ll admit I was nervous going into my first Basic Training class but the strong community and teamwork vibes eased my nerves right away. It was refreshing to workout outdoors and take advantage of San Francisco’s ideal fitness climate – I checked out the Hayes Valley location with a lunch time class and it was really cool to be able to get an intense workout in within an hour, right smack in the middle of my favorite neighborhood. Expect a circuit training routine that mixes in running, jumping and bodyweight exercises to work your entire body with intense bursts of activity.

Basic Training‘s instructors are extremely knowledgable and you can tell they really have fun planning each class – no two days are the same! Modifications were available for each exercise with special alternatives provided for anyone working around an injury. Come prepared to work as a team during the class; Basic Training isn’t just about yourself but rather the good of the entire group – you’ll be pairing up at times to help support and motivate each other.

What to Wear: Dress for the weather and be prepared to be outdoors, rain or shine. Wear running sneakers that can handle both mileage and sprints and sweat-wicking workout clothes that will stay put as you move around. Be sure to bring water!

Workout // Basic Training SF.

Final Verdict: Basic Training is an awesome way to explore the city and meet new people as you work out. It was refreshing to break free of the gym and the circuit-style of the bootcamp class made the 55 minutes fly by (which I always appreciate). The instructors and the Basic Training regulars are in SERIOUS shape, so you can expect big results if you stick with it and make their classes part of your regular fitness routine. I really liked the community and fun element to Basic Training – it’s not the bootcamp you typically think of where you’re locked in a room with a screaming trainer and it’s very competitive – the group is inspiring and really pushes you to do your best and celebrates you when you do.

And in case you haven’t tried ClassPass yet, it’s amazing. For $99 a month you’re able to take unlimited fitness classes at a huge variety of studios across the country (they’ve been expanding like crazy so if ClassPass isn’t in your city yet, hang tight!), the only big catch is that you can’t visit the same studio more than 3x in one month. It’s a really cost effective way to add variety to your fitness routine without paying the $25 per class you’d spend if you were to do drop in classes. PLUS they just launched a pretty rad iPhone app so you’re able to sign up for classes and view your schedule anywhere, anytime. Sign up and give it a go!

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