28 Lessons Learned in 28 Years.

I’m turning 28 today which is both crazy (wait, I turned 18 TEN years ago?!) and incredibly exciting. I really feel like I’ve hit my groove over the past year and after kicking off 28 with a sunrise on a secret beach in Maui, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

28 Life Lessons Learned.

To continue a little birthday tradition I started a few years ago, I’m looking back on 28 lessons learned so far in my 28 years:

  1. Trust and forgiveness are the foundation of a happy relationship.
  2. Say how you feel. Always.
  3. A handwritten note or a phone call goes a long way (ditch the texts!)
  4. Things don’t have to be perfect for you to be happy, and they never actually will be.
  5. It’s okay to relax! Take a break from the to do’s sometimes. The world will go on.
  6. The perspective you’ll gain from new experiences is invaluable. Travel. Meet new people. Do something new.
  7. It’s never too late to start.
  8. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. True passion can overcome many obstacles.
  9. Don’t be a dick. Seriously.
  10. Always remain grateful. Even in the worst of times, pause and reflect. Find the good. It’s always there somewhere.
  11. Don’t hang onto stuff! Clutter does you no good.
  12. There are always opportunities to give back. Stop making excuses and take action.
  13. Be spontaneous! In a world of schedules and obligations, it’s both liberating and refreshing to have moments of random and unplanned.
  14. Be smart with your money, it will all catch up to you. Don’t put off saving and pay your credit card bills on time. Credit scores are easy to mess up and difficult to rebuild.
  15. Ask for what you want! No one’s going to simply hand it to you and at the end of the day, “no” isn’t the end of the world.
  16. Screw the plan. Don’t sweat your “ideal timeline”. Don’t succumb to the pressures. You do you.
  17. Treat your body right! Sleep. Drink water. Stay active. Eat right. It all matters.
  18. Treasure your true friendships. Make the effort. Celebrate them. Realize how lucky you are.
  19. There’s more to life than work!
  20. Find an outlet. Pursue a passion project. Do something beyond what pays the bills – money isn’t the only measure of ROI.
  21. Savor your alone time. Create space for yourself to reground.
  22. Say no. Know what’s a true priority and what isn’t. Don’t try to make everyone happy 100% of the time (it’s impossible anyway)
  23. Spend an entire day in your pajamas every once in awhile.
  24. Grow. Evolve. Never get too comfortable.
  25. Balance isn’t one size fits all.
  26. Aim to be more like your dog and you’ll be a better person.
  27. Share your smarts! Be open. Teach others. Pass it along.
  28. Salt water truly does cure all. Sweat it out. Cry it out. Or spend some quiet time by the ocean. The cliche could not be more true.