Learning from the Lipstick Queen.

Learning from the Lipstick Queen.

Poppy King would tell you that nothing boosts your outfit nor your confidence more than a bold lipstick. She’s the founder of Lipstick Queen, an international beauty brand that boasts the perfect lipstick for every age, look, personality and mood. With shades ranging from vibrant reds, to deep black, to glittery gold, her products are meant for both novices and experts.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Poppy about how she entered this competitive industry (at age 18!) and what it feels like to sit at the helm of a company that’s seen such success. In her book, “Lessons of a Lipstick Queen,” she chronicled her journey and offered words of wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs. Now, she’s reflecting on 25 years in the business and looking forward to an exciting future for Lipstick Queen.

Here’s what we learned about her inspiring career:

How did Lipstick Queen come to be?

“I wanted to create a brand that paid homage to the incredible power of lipstick to transform you.”

Lipstick Queen is actually Poppy’s second business venture. She launched her first company, Poppy Industries, in Melbourne, Australia when she was just 18 and still in pursuit of the perfect lipstick to suit her style. Today, Lipstick Queen carries on her original mission to create high-quality, wearable products.

What are your must-have shades?

“My all-time favorite is Lipstick Queen Red Sinner because I made it my perfect shade of red!”

But many women feel like red lipstick is too bold for them. What’s your advice for pulling off a bright shade?

“When you’re wearing a bold shade, like red, minimizing your eye makeup works wonders. Leave the focus on the lips!”

What does it feel like to wear a lipstick you helped create?

“It feels like a dream. I’ve been creating lipstick for 25 years and I still have to pinch myseld to believe it’s true.”

Poppy has described her own style as “glamorous” and often rocks a short layer of blond curls and vintage dresses, along with that perfect shade of red she mentioned. But the look isn’t exclusive.

What does it mean to be glamorous today and how can any woman feel that way?

“I love glamour because it can be done by anyone. It’s not about size, age, income … It’s about a mind-body connection that shines through in your spirit more so than how you look.”

How do you hope other women feel when they wear your lipstick?

“I hope women feel like a superhero version of themselves and [they’re] able to believe in the possibility of magic.”

Poppy’s unique brand of magic-making lipsticks coupled with lots of hard work triggered her international success, so of course we asked for some career advice, too.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur in the makeup industry? And what’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since launching your own business?

“A clear point of view. Mine has always been that lipstick is very affirming. The biggest lesson is that I can’t control the results. ALl I can do is my best in any given moment.”

What do you hope to see next for Lipstick Queen?

“More Willy Wonka-esque magical lipsticks!”

Like those blue, green and gold shades, perhaps? We’ll have to wait and see what she comes up with next! Check some of our favorite shades below: