Everything to Know About Lash Extensions.

What to Know About Lash Extensions.

When I first heard about lash extensions, I was plenty skeptical. As someone who has never really thought she looked good with fake lashes on, I couldn’t imagine how you’d be able to get away with lash extensions as part of an everyday beauty look. But when the opportunity presented itself to be one of the first in San Francisco to try Iris + West’s lashes, I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot – and I couldn’t be more obsessed.

It seems like there’s plenty of mystery and myths out there about lash extensions so I wanted to share a bit about my experience and what you should know about lash extensions in case you’re considering them yourself:

Everything to Know About Lash Extensions.

How long does it take? The first application takes around 90 minutes (I fell asleep!) while getting them filled in is shorter, around 45 minutes to an hour. Your eyes are taped shut so it’s definitely a full commitment kind of thing but I promise it goes by quickly.

How long they do last? Like your natural lashes, your lash extensions also shed so you have to get them filled every 3 weeks or so.

Aren’t they expensive? Yes. I’ll flat out admit that – while I love them for everyday, they are definitely more of a special occasion kind of thing when it comes to cost. It’s around $200 for a full set and then around $80 for the fill to keep ’em looking their best.

Do they look natural? YES! If you’re like me and don’t want ’em too over the top, they can totally look natural – like your own lashes, but better. They’re very customizable so if you’re looking for an everyday look, you can absolutely achieve that with lash extensions, including getting to weigh in on the thickness and curl of your lashes.

Wait, I heard you can’t rub your eyes? This is mostly true, as rubbing your eyes can cause lashes to loosen and shed faster, but with that being said, if your eyes itch and you need to rub your eyes, go for it.

Did you have to change your beauty routine at all? I didn’t have to wear mascara, at all, which was such a game changer for me. It made getting ready in the morning so much quicker as I found myself needing less makeup overall within my beauty routine since the lashes made my eyes really pop. It was also really nice to not have to deal with mascara smudges or raccoon eyes at the end of the day! I did have to change my cleansing routine to remove the oil cleanser from my usual evening double cleanse as oils break down the lash glue and cause lashes to fall out faster. Also, a lash comb is a must to brush out lashes, especially in the morning as they can get a little wonky after a night’s sleep.

How’d your natural lashes hold up afterwards? I haven’t seen any difference in my natural lashes after letting my lash extensions completely shed out but have heard some others have some damage afterwards. I really think it’s all about where you get them done and in my opinion, this is the kind of thing where it’s better to spend the extra cash going to someone good vs. try and save money and have your lashes damaged!

If you’re in San Francisco or Los Angeles, I could not recommend Amanda at Iris + West enough – she’s absolutely lovely and does an amazing job matching your lashes to the look you want + works really carefully to ensure you’re comfortable and your natural lashes aren’t harmed.

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