New Beauty Faves // My latest tried and true beauty products.

New Beauty Faves // November.

Since I’m always testing new products and experimenting with my skincare, beauty, hair & nails routine (I’m a bit of a product junkie!), New Beauty Faves is my way of letting you know what’s been tried & tested and has landed on my radar as a new favorite:

New Beauty Faves // My latest tried and true beauty products.

  • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: After seeing this stuff everywhere I decided to give it a try – I mix one packet into my coffee in the morning and it dissolves really well and is completely flavorless (note: I first tried it in iced coffee and that did NOT go well, so hot is recommended). While I’m still not 100% sure of its benefits overall, I have noticed my nails are super strong and my hair looks better than ever!
  • Covergirl Easy Breezy Brow: I’ve been dabbling around in the brow department and after really liking Glossier’s Boy Brow & Benefit’s Gimme Brow, I immediately grabbed this product when I heard it was a dupe. The product size is HUGE and only $5 and it gets the job done in a very similar style. I do wish that it came with a smaller wand (similar to the other brow products) as you have to be really careful with the large applicator to make sure you don’t put too much on when applying.
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream: As soon as the temperature starts to dip, my skin starts to freak out – I’ve been dealing with random dry patches and scaly skin lately and this cream does just the trick. It’s really thick without being greasy; I like to apply a thick layer to my entire body after getting out of the shower at night so it absorbs when I’m sleeping.
  • Essie ‘Wicked’: This one isn’t actually a new favorite but it’s what you’ll find me wearing on my hands and/or feet from September through April every year. The deep red shade is almost black and is just the right hue of deep and moody for fall and winter.
  • Pixi Liquid Lip in ‘Really Rose’: You know I’m a red lipstick girl but I’ve been giving more neutral lip colors a shot lately to find something that’s more everyday wearable and have been really impressed by Pixi’s new liquid lipstick. It wears all day without being too cakey or heavy, and the rose hue is just right for a daytime look.
  • Le Labo Vanille 44: Le Labo fragrances are one of my favorite little luxuries and I recently picked up one of their city signature scents – these fragrances are typically only available in the city they’re inspired by except for rare occasions when they release the full collection within their stores. It was so fun to smell fragrances inspired by places I’ve been but ultimately Paris won with this fresh twist on a vanilla scent.
  • Ulta Skinsoak Foaming Cleanser: Ulta recently launched their own skincare line and their foaming cleanser manages to get you that squeaky clean, no traces of makeup left, feeling without making your face feel tight and dry.
  • Dove Dry Shampoo: I try and only wash my hair twice a week, so dry shampoo is always a must! This option from Dove works really well and their line of dry shampoos has a few options for a variety of hair types/needs (unscented, clarifying, volumizing, etc.). It’s great for a quick refresh and to add some volume and texture to your hair, plus the price point is amazing for those of us who basically survive with the help of dry shampoo ;)
  • No 7 Youthful Vitamin C Serum: Vitamin C can make a serious difference in your skin, from brightening and helping fight wrinkles to fading acne spots and scars. This option from No 7 is ultra concentrated (you mix the solution yourself when you’re unboxing it!) and is just enough for a 2-week treatment that leaves your skin brighter and skin tone more even.
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Mask: While I always love a good mask, I don’t always have the time to go through the full process, so this option from The Body Shop is a lifesaver. It’s a really cool gel-like formula that’s packed with tea tree oil to help absorb excess oil and fight breakouts without being harsh or drying on skin. My breakouts  tend to be very focused on my cheeks/jaw area so I just apply a little of this before bed and it really helps!
  • Origins Plantscription Serum: Origins has been rocking my world lately and this serum is no exception. It’s an anti-aging super serum that really helps with fine lines and wrinkles without being harsh on skin like a retinol can be. I’ve been using it day and night and it’s made a big difference, plus it’s lightweight and can be worn under makeup.

Did you find any new beauty faves this month? What are some of your go to products? Any recommendations for me?

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